From simple to complex, we have what you need covered. Don’t forget to check out our ‘ETC’ services! Just because the grass isn’t growing doesn’t mean we can’t still help keep your property beautiful! 


Lawn mowing, edging, blowing off hard surfaces. Available as weekly or bi-weekly. 

Lawn mowing, edging, blowing off hard surfaces, pruning, garden bed maintenance, leaf clean up in lieu of mowing each week during the fall*, storm debris clean up during the winter. 

*Leaf clean up during the fall is done as time allows over your scheduled visits, not all at once. If you would like a clean up of all of the leaves at once, please contact us for a Clean Up bid. 

Hauling away of debris, clippings, and yard waste. This service is offered with Lawn or Full Service maintenance. 

Business is really picking up! We are now offering residential dog poo clean up for our maintenance clients. Contact us for a quote! Please have the number of dogs and approximate weight of each dog available to receive a quote.


We will turn on your system and evaluate it zone by zone and let you know what we find for repairs and what we would suggest for upgrades. Any new irrigation customers must have an evaluation as part of their first visit. 

Our professional technician will come out to fix broken heads, upgrade controllers, fix coverage, and more. This is generally scheduled after an evaluation.

We offer an automatic turn on/turn off program for irrigation systems that includes turning on the system and ensuring it’s running during the Spring and turning off the system and blowing out the lines in preparation for winter. 


We can install irrigation zones for your lawn and/or your garden beds. We offer standard controllers and wifi enabled controllers as well as optional upgrades such as rain sensors. 

Installation of retaining walls, patios, and walkways. Contact us for a quote! 

Installed to help your yard with drainage. 

We can treat your yard and do a complete lawn installation with top soil to level out any dips, seed, and peat cover to protect the seed. 

If your lawn is in decent shape and just needs some help getting to look it’s best we can help with whatever is needed from thatch removal to a full seeding with peat cover – we’ll get you back to tip top shape. 

Lawn Treatments

Our multi-step program greens up your grass and treats the weeds throughout the year.

An aeration disturbs the compacted soil to allow nutrients and water into the packed in areas. If you get the overseeding with it, we’ll also spot seed the bare areas to ensure a healthy lawn.

By targeting the source of the food for moles, insects in your lawn, the moles will move on to better feeding grounds. 

Lime treatments will balance the ph in your soil to ensure thriving greenery!

If your yard suffers from snow mold, red thread, or other varieties of lawn disease, we can take care of that!

Commercial Services

Depending on your property, we can do either full service or lawn service to keep your property looking great for your clients or customers! 

We will clean up organic debris and blow your parking lot to keep it clear for your employees and customers. 

We can evaluate your irrigation system and repair any issues or upgrade any outdated parts. 

If your property has gotten a little out of hand, we can come in for a clean up in preparation for recurring maintenance – then you’ll never have to think about it! 

If you’re interested in improving the curb appeal of your office or property, our local expert will come in and give you suggestions for plants and shrubs perfect for our climate! We can also cover your existing beds with mulch, bark, or gravel. 

Curb Appeal & Design

Bark and mulch services for your garden beds. 

We can suggest and plant shrubs as well as maintain the ones you already have planted – this includes pruning and pre-emergent to help keep the beds clear of weeds. 

Our Landscape Design expert will spend time listening to what you’re looking for and will then provide a detailed drawing of the designs discussed. At that time, we can also provide an estimate for the work designed. 

We can trim and limb trees up to 15′ tall. We also offer pruning for bushes and hedges. 

Seasonal Clean Ups

After the dreary winter is starting to clear, we can get your yard all cleaned up and ready for the spring! 

Once the leaves have fallen and your yard is blanketed, we can come out to clean them up so that your lawn doesn’t suffocate during the off season. 

The Etc.

We can come clean out debris from your gutters. As part of this service, we also offer an optional service to blow off your roof and apply zinc. 

When we know the snow is coming and will stick to the ground, we will pre-emptively apply ice melt that will stop up to 3 inches of accumulation. If the snow accumulates past that, once a day we will come out and clear your hard surfaces and apply ice melt again in preparation for additional accumulation. 

Contact us if you don’t see what you need.